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We design, install, and administer retirement plans for small and 
mid-sized businesses

About Ace

ACE Pensions Solutions is a consulting firm and Third Party Administrator (TPA) focused on designing and implementing retirement programs for small and mid-sized businesses. Whether you are looking to start saving for your retirement with tax deductible dollars by installing a new 401(k) or Profit Sharing plan, or if you want to maximize your tax deductible savings with a Defined Benefit or Cash Balance plan, ACE Pension Solutions will work with you to put the right plan in place. If you’re unhappy with a plan that’s not meeting your needs, let us help you fix it. We will work with you to provide a retirement program that will achieve both your employee benefit and personal tax planning goals.

What We Do


Design and Installation

We create custom-designed retirement plans to fit the individual needs of each client.



We perform Annual Plan administration including all required and appropriate testing.


Calculation and Actuarial Service 

We calculate the client's annual contribution to the plan.


Compliance and tax filing

We ensure a plan's compliance with all current rules and regulations including preparation of the annual 5500 tax returns.



We work with our clients and advisors to optimize their plans, maximizing the plan's value to the business owner.



We fix plans that have become non-compliant, performing plan forensics and carrying out the appropriate compliance procedures to bring them back into compliance. 


Ace Pension Solutions was founded by Rick Misrok and Jim Kwan who have over 60 years of combined experience working with small business retirement plans. They personally walk their clients through the process of designing, implementing and administering their retirement plans. 

Rick Misrok

Rick Misrok earned an MBA from Georgetown University and a BA from SUNY Binghamton. He contributed several years in the corporate offices of The Bank of New York before entering the financial advisory field as an agent of Berkshire Life and Guardian Life, where he built a practice focused on serving the financial needs of small business owners. Rick spent over 20 years working with 401(k) and pension plans as a financial advisor before switching gears and teaming up with Jim Kwan to launch Ace Pension Solutions in 2014. 

He is primarily responsible for marketing, business development, and client relations. As a former advisor, Rick works well with the advisor community to show how a properly designed retirement plan can be a valuable tool in designing a client’s overall financial strategy. Rick builds strong relationships and maintains a high level of customer service, providing his clients with the information and support they need to be confident that they have the plan that fits their needs. 

Rick lives in Westchester, NY, where he has volunteered extensively with various organizations. He enjoys skiing, volleyball, photography, and travel.

Jim Kwan, QKA

Jim attended SUNY Albany where he earned a BS in Mathematics with a concentration in Physics. He works with small business owners to design, create and administer the optimal retirement plan to meet their retirement objectives. Jim has been working on plan design and administration over 25 years at third party administration firms in the metropolitan area before teaming up with Rick Misrok to create Ace Pension Solutions in 2014.

Jim is responsible for the design, calculations, administration and overall compliance of the plans. 

Jim lives in New Jersey and is an officer of the local Rotary Club and Director of the PAL and Suburban Chamber of Commerce. He enjoys spending his free time with his family and playing volleyball.

Trusted by Financial Advisors and CPAs

Financial advisors and CPAs have come to rely on Ace Pension Solutions as their preferred TPA for retirement planning services. 

For Advisors

You need a TPA committed to helping you grow your 401(k) business and save you time. Bundled providers seem cheap and simple but their limited skill and service can be expensive. If you’re looking to save a difficult plan, let us show you how easy it can be to turn it around. If this is your first attempt at working with a retirement plan, we’re glad you’re here and we want to help you succeed. We will work with you to create plans that meet the specific goals you’ve identified for your clients so you can focus on the investments.

For Accountants

Are your business owner clients looking for a tax deduction that also helps them build up a retirement fund? Let us work with you to design a plan that maximizes their tax deductible plan contributions. The latest round of tax reform has upended the playing field for many small businesses. If your client’s income is too high to take advantage of the new QBI rules, maybe a pension plan can help bring that back into play. If you have questions about feasibility, we’re happy to assist you with the analysis.

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